tigでgit checkoutする


Quick reference for tig keybindings:

[-] status bindings
External commands:
    'C'                       `git commit`
[-] branch bindings
External commands:
    'C'                       `git checkout %(branch)`
[-] main bindings
External commands:
    'C'                       `git cherry-pick %(commit)`
[-] generic bindings
View switching
    'm'                       view-main            Show main view
    'd'                       view-diff            Show diff view
    'l'                       view-log             Show log view
    't'                       view-tree            Show tree view
    'f'                       view-blob            Show blob view
    'B'                       view-blame           Show blame view
    'H'                       view-branch          Show branch view
    'h'                       view-help            Show help view
    'p'                       view-pager           Show pager view
    'S'                       view-status          Show status view
    'c'                       view-stage           Show stage view
View manipulation
    Enter                     enter                Enter current line and scroll
    Down, '^N'                next                 Move to next
    Up, '^P'                  previous             Move to previous
    ','                       parent               Move to parent
    Tab                       view-next            Move focus to next view
    'R', F5                   refresh              Reload and refresh
    'O'                       maximize             Maximize the current view
    'q'                       view-close           Close the current view
    'Q'                       quit                 Close all views and quit
View specific requests
    'u'                       status-update        Update file status
    '!'                       status-revert        Revert file changes
    'M'                       status-merge         Merge file using external tool
    '1'                       stage-update-line    Update single line
    '@'                       stage-next           Find next chunk to stage
    '['                       diff-context-down    Decrease the diff context
    ']'                       diff-context-up      Increase the diff context
Cursor navigation
    'k'                       move-up              Move cursor one line up
    'j'                       move-down            Move cursor one line down
    PageDown, '^D', Space     move-page-down       Move cursor one page down
    PageUp, '^U', 'b', '-'    move-page-up         Move cursor one page up
    Home                      move-first-line      Move cursor to first line
    End                       move-last-line       Move cursor to last line
    '|'                       scroll-first-col     Scroll to the first line columns
    Left                      scroll-left          Scroll two columns left
    Right                     scroll-right         Scroll two columns right
    Insert, '^Y'              scroll-line-up       Scroll one line up
    Delete, '^E'              scroll-line-down     Scroll one line down
    'w'                       scroll-page-up       Scroll one page up
    's'                       scroll-page-down     Scroll one page down
    '/'                       search               Search the view
    '?'                       search-back          Search backwards in the view
    'n'                       find-next            Find next search match
    'N'                       find-prev            Find previous search match
Option manipulation
    'o'                       options              Open option menu
    '.'                       toggle-lineno        Toggle line numbers
    'D'                       toggle-date          Toggle date display
    'A'                       toggle-author        Toggle author display
    'g'                       toggle-rev-graph     Toggle revision graph visualization
    '~'                       toggle-graphic       Toggle (line) graphics mode
    Hash                      toggle-filename      Toggle file name display
    'F'                       toggle-refs          Toggle reference display (tags/branches)
    'I'                       toggle-sort-order    Toggle ascending/descending sort order
    'i'                       toggle-sort-field    Toggle field to sort by
    'W'                       toggle-ignore-space  Toggle ignoring whitespace in diffs
    'X'                       toggle-id            Toggle commit ID display
    ':'                       prompt               Bring up the prompt
    'r', '^L'                 screen-redraw        Redraw the screen
    'v'                       show-version         Show version information
    'z'                       stop-loading         Stop all loading views
    'e'                       edit                 Open in editor
External commands:
    'G'                       `git gc`